carr kamasa design

At ckd we specialise in building our clients’ corporate reputation through the media of brand management, interactive media services and corporate literature design.

Our Approach
creative intelligence


The key to successful briefing is asking the right questions and talking to the right people. This enables us to develop an effective platform to identify key messages and agree communications objectives. The best outcomes are built from sound foundations.


Using our vast experience and understanding of the marketplace enables us to empathise with our clients’ challenges because we have experienced many of them before and have learnt to expect the unexpected.


We undertake both quantitative and qualitative research with our clients,
key stakeholders and their influencers. This ensures our opinions are well founded and based on solid information and proven facts.


Our solutions deliver against our clients’ desired positioning and reflect corporate personality. We never design for design’s sake, but rather we create solutions that work, designs that engage and messages that have real impact.

Our philosophy and approach manifests itself in all we do, from briefing, understanding and consultancy, to the impact of the final solution – at ckd we apply creative intelligence.