5 simple steps for improving your school’s marketing

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Schools rarely have the luxury of repeat customers – aside from the occasional sibling – a pupil’s (and possibly parent’s) experience of your school is a one-time only opportunity. New pupils are at the core of any school marketing plan and as any marketer knows, ‘new customers’ must be constantly sought.

There is a danger in finding something that works for your school and sticking to it – eventually even you will tire of a one-track record. The best marketing plans use simple tactics that encourage constant growth from multiple sources.

Be personal

“People buy with their hearts, not with their minds”
Peter Drucker

Get to know your prospective parents and pupils. Far too many schools address the masses and forget that, put simply, the parent is entrusting their child’s education to a total stranger – this kind of customer will ‘buy’ from who they know, and who they trust.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to your website. The last thing a parent needs when trawling the Internet is to be blasted with too much information. Keep it simple. Make your site easy to navigate, use clear and simple language and make a good first impression. Researchers at HubSpot have found that on average you have 15 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, so remember that every second counts – but too much noise will make it impossible to hear your message.

A great example of this is CKD’s new website it’s simple, clean and engaging. Visitors aren’t distracted by noise, and are encouraged to engage with its content instantly.

Sell gently

Being pushy to parents will not encourage their trust so don’t oversell your school. Instead, give them the information they need to decide for themselves – let them know what opportunities await their child at your school, show them the results and let them hear what your previous and current parents and pupils have to say. This information will do the selling for you!

Use testimonials

Parents want to hear unbiased opinions from other parents and from their child’s potential classmates – so ask your pupils and their parents for their honest opinion and don’t be afraid to share it!

The most visited page on most websites is the ‘about us’ page – why not try using testimonials here rather than just a long list of results? This is a far more personal way to address potential parents and will put their mind at ease.

Have a plan

A school relies heavily on its marketing efforts, especially when attracting new pupils. To ensure your marketing is consistent and effective you need to have a plan in place – and be sure to measure its progress along the way.

Once your plan is set up there are a number of tools you can use to increase your campaigns effectiveness, without increasing your effort. Among these, automated email marketing campaigns and scheduled social media posts will save you time and ensure you are promoting your school around the clock. CKD can advise on the best tools for you and show you how to use them, give guidance on content and help you increase your audience.

The Internet and Social Media are a part of everyday life, if harnessed correctly you have the power to promote your school to potential parents and pupils across the world.