A day at the races

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It’s not every day the Tour de France comes to London so whilst we weren’t wearing yellow (other than our sunny dispositions) Nat, Charlie and I walked over to Monument to catch the action. There was no way we could miss out on such an awesome sporting event when it was on our doorstep!

The heavens opened while we were waiting but in true British spirit we kept a smile on our faces in anticipation. The caravan cruising along ahead of the competitors provided much entertainment: silly klaxons, bad Europop, dancing girls (not that sort) and a beautiful bike or two strapped to various sponsorship vehicles. Charlie kept a watchful eye on the official app and when we knew the riders were only 10km away the sense of excitement started to rise….then we caught sight of the peloton approaching….and in a 40 second mad blur of bright colours, lycra and cheering it was over! The speed these cyclists attain is jaw dropping; you think you know how fast they go and then you see them two feet from your face…

We really enjoyed experiencing this historical competition albeit briefly and witnessing athletes at the top of their sport. It just leaves me to say vive L’Entente Cordiale….and please come back le Tour!

Slow-motion video provided by our very own Charlie: