Adding value: the meaning behind the intention

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Why is your business worth existing and investing in? What can your business bring to customers? In other terms, what makes your business special?

These questions are all the more relevant insofar as the business market, as a whole, is an ever more competitive one. Even setting oneself into a niche market is not so niche anymore as every day sees its number of newbie markets increase at a fast pace. You’ll probably think these are obvious statements. Unfortunately these reasons seem to be entrenched in the enduring belief that setting yourself apart when running a business is a difficult task, especially in times of crisis, or if your field is dominated by similar or much bigger companies than yours.

So what matters if you want to stand out against the crowd?

The products or services you offer are essential, of course, but another crucial element lies in your core brand identity, where you can evaluate and define the values which, in turn, define you as a company: what started the company and why, what makes your company one worth working for, what you can deliver to your employees, customers and investors, how you envision the company’s position according to these values, and why investors should see your business as synonymous with stability and prosperity.

This is when branding comes into action, as finding creative ways to promote and sell your company as a whole is the way you are able to highlight your core identity, your raison d’être. However, in this competitive market, you might reckon your business doesn’t promote the latter enough, or face difficulties in standing out, so you might need to think about re-branding.

Don’t only focus all your attention, and capital, in the results, but work on the very origins to increase results and see how you can rely on these to adapt to your market: show your values, re-think your values, and add value when it is necessary.

It is a never-ending process and this is what will make your business stand out: the products or services might evolve, or even change radically, but if your brand identity doesn’t adapt, chances will be that you will only remain as one company among many other similar ones.

Adding value to your brand is an important trend of branding nowadays and a large array of options is available to successfully achieve this process: engage with your customers in different ways, run a blog and post meaningful content and don’t focus exclusively on your business (a blog shouldn’t be a marketing tool per se, but a means to offer something else), propose insights of your company in new ways (have a photo shoot and make videos to give insights of your company), showcase your employees and managers, commit yourself to your CSR, and always keep in mind who your main target audience is but also aim to reach beyond your main audience.

Overall, it’s all about finding ways to show that your company is an integrated business with a proper identity, a purpose, a commitment, but more importantly a hunger for delivering that something else that will help position yourself as special, if not unique, amongst the market.

If you’re not sure how to reflect upon your company’s values and see how you can showcase them and convey your brand better, why not get in touch? We’re here to help.