Brand alignment

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What is true Brand Alignment? The acid test of any organisation is not what it says, but what it does: how it treats its customers, how its staff behave, how it interacts with business partners, every minute of every day.

Be honest, do you have a brand vision and promise that recruits, motivates and directs the best employees, business partners and investors to come together to create value and deliver results?

Do you connect people in this way, where promise, reality, word and deed are used to drive each other forward?

It’s a disciplined process, but Brand Alignment is that process:

Brand Discovery

Take a long hard look in the mirror. What are your operational strengths and weaknesses? How do key audiences really perceive your brand?

Brand Promise

The fluffy stuff of dreams and goals. How can you shape your organisation’s distinctive characteristics and competitive advantages into a promise that is both simple and inspiring?

Brand Expression

True brand expression is a framework for imagination, fusing brand values to create marketing collateral that deliver your brand’s promise.

Brand Action

Empower everyone so that appropriate actions take place across the whole organisation to support the Brand Promise.

Expedites business thinking about the power of the brand. It acts as the central organising thought, across the whole of your organisation.

Brand Alignment

Does what it says on the tin, where intentions become actions. It will be the best investment you will ever make, allowing you to establish that value cycle that links employees to customers.