How to incorporate components of considered design to make your school website work harder for you

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Your school website is the establishing shot, the opening line, the first point of call that will entice your audience to get a taste of what your school has to offer. In this day and age it is important to captivate them immediately. Research has shown that your website needs to connect with your audience within seconds! So what questions can be asked and what measures can be taken to make this happen?

Bombarding your audience with streams of unmethodical and ill considered content (both through text and image) negates the values and attributes of your school. Less is more, therefore introducing considered design will open doors to seeing your school narrative in a whole new way and will ultimately reposition your audience’s view and experience of your website.

What do I mean by considered design? Considered design uses primitive components cleverly to satisfy your audience’s needs from your website and answer their questions in an engaging and digestible way. These components can include:


Colour is a way of expressing your narrative and when used alongside other well considered components such as image and language it leaves positive impressions. Using your brand colours in the design of your site can also add value based on how it disseminates and positions information systematically so that the user can easily find out what they need to know through this visual cue. This will entice your audience to further journey through your website.


Image is a powerful tool. A picture says a thousand words, so instead of telling them, show them. What extra-curricular activities does your school offer? Show them. Is the curriculum exciting and engaging? Show them. How good is the pastoral care at your school? Show them. Choose images that will add value by expressing personal relevance, required information, and will ultimately add a feeling of gladness. This will open up the opportunity for your audience to connect with your school on an emotional level making it more meaningful.

Typographic hierarchy

Typography is an important way to define and establish the order of importance within your written content. It is a tool which helps the audience easily find the information that they are looking for and navigate the content. Think of it as your website’s personal tour guide that takes your audience through your school’s website, and that makes suggestions to what actions are available to them.


Language is a vital component in communicating the narrative of your website. However, it is crucial to be concise with it by using it simply and directly rather than in long blocks of text. This will make it easier for your audience to explore and navigate through your website. Make it a conversational experience which is specific to the audience and their needs. It will build a relationship of trust and inevitably draw them to your school.

Apply these components correctly in a considered design and your website will capture the attention of many, enhancing their experience of your school website. This is just the beginning.


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