It’s Good To Talk…

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We recently held another of our Mini Marketing Conferences for Prep Schools and a thoroughly pleasant morning was spent not only presenting our sessions but having great conversations with the delegates. The event was a rare opportunity for those attending to chat about their marketing issues and gain a greater understanding into what everyone else is up to. It didn’t matter that the sessions sometimes slightly veered off course because everyone was engaged in the subject, ideas freely flowed and solutions were shared. I often attend such conferences to be inspired and come back to my office with a fresh impetus. The personal connections made and the networking are invaluable as the job of a Marketing Manager in a school can sometimes be a lonely uphill task. You feel exposed in your school, having to justify to those around you what you do yet knowing that you do help to make a difference.

It is always comforting to attend marketing conferences and forge new relationships with your like-minded colleagues from further afield. I would also say if you can bring your Head along to these marketing conferences so much the better. While you are in your element, it is good to engage them too! Do also attend marketing conferences in a positive frame of mind and be willing to get ‘stuck in’. There is no point attending such events if you aren’t going to make a contribution and at smaller, more intimate conferences, there is much more opportunity to get involved. It also may not be as daunting if you don’t like speaking in public.

I have recently signed up to several marketing webinars for schools and while they are a great idea for busy marketing people, they are disconnected to real face-to-face conversation. It is also, as I have discovered, easy to get distracted by a seemingly more pressing matter of a teacher knocking on your door wanting your help! So, the next time you get the chance to sign up for a marketing conference, just go for it. On top of the expert sessions, you will come away with a sense of accomplishment, a head full of inspirational ideas and the knowledge that your job is purposeful and essential to helping your school become a market leader.

Don’t forget also that a speaker session really comes alive with audience participation and the free exchange of ideas. You will never have all the answers so it is essential you keep up with your sector, find out what’s going on around you, forge links with your competitor schools and embrace new technologies that emerge constantly to help schools stay ahead. I will bear all this in mind when I am one of the speakers at a marketing conference later this month!