We Are All Apprentices

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I’m very glad that The Apprentice is back on our screens – I love the challenges, the personalities, the put downs, the obvious errors and the triumphs against all the odds. I’m convinced they don’t pick ‘the best of the best’ as the producers like to mix up personalities that will grate, make great TV and above all, entertain. It would be a very boring series if everything went smoothly and there weren’t any monumental mistakes that, to us mere mortals watching at home would never dream of making, of course!

Don’t Get Carried Away

If you work in schools’ marketing, you will make mistakes along the way but that is how you learn and what works for one school is not necessarily the solution for another. There is no point planning plenty of Open Events if your ‘word of mouth’ isn’t strong enough in the first place and we can all get carried away by ‘marketing speak’ and the promise of what rewards you will reap if you perfectly put your Marketing Plan into action. Marketing Plans must be fluid and able to adapt at any given moment and your outlook must adapt too. Make sure at least some of the goals in your Marketing Plan are realistic, and they are achievable in your eyes, from the person who is actually tasked with doing the job. Keep everyone in the loop and inform Governors how things are going and make sure you give a detailed update on your marketing activities for their meetings, if you are not present at them.

Instinct & Judgement

We have all watched The Apprentice candidates making huge errors in judgement and the process rightly weeds out those that are just not cut out for it and in the end Lord Sugar does appear to pick the most sensible person because, after all, it’s his money and reputation that are at stake. And so it goes for marketing in schools. Try not to be too dazzled by what others are convinced will bring the school forward in giant leaps. Stick to your instinct and what you know works. You should know your school inside out and you should know the right families to attract and then convert. Don’t get swept away by marketing jargon and the next teacher in your school who says to you: “Why aren’t we advertising here?”. Stick to your plan, keep up with the latest technologies, get to know your target market and how to reach them effectively and make sure you keep moving forward.

A Chance To Network

If you don’t know where to start or you may be new to marketing a school, get to know others in the same position at different schools. Networking can bring an abundance of opportunities and a valued chance to consult with each other, share ideas, commiserate about failed campaigns or celebrate your rise in pupil numbers! Here at CKD, we offer an opportunity to do just that – share with colleagues and, at the same time, learn new techniques and ideas that will help you in your job. Our Mini Marketing Conferences are small and unique gatherings that bring together Marketing Managers and staff in other positions within schools – Heads, Secretaries, teachers who may also be responsible for marketing their school. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about our MMCs and when and where they take place.