Website picks 18 July 2014

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Our website picks of the week

1 – Earth Glance 

A compilation of beautiful photographs taken directly from Google Earth.

2 – Vessyl

A smart… cup. Vessyl can identify what liquid you put into it and then collects that data to feed back vital stats such as hydration levels and how much caffeine has been consumed in a given day.

3 – Airbnb 

Amongst criticism over their newly redesigned brand, Airbnb have also launched a new website that is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous offering.

4 – In the Rain

“Cristophe Jacrot is a French photographer who is fascinated by skywater.” The resulting photographs produce strong and accentuated colours mixed with dripping textures.

5 – Forgot Your Password

“In summer 2012 the social network got hacked and lost its whole user database. A few months later parts of the decrypted password list surfaced on the Internet. These eight volumes contain 4.7 million LinkedIn clear text user passwords printed in alphabetical order. Visitors are invited to look up their own password.”