Website picks 4 July 2014

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We may not be celebrating Independence Day (that would be a tad ironic) but here are five websites we’re celebrating this week:

1 – Look at something

A playful, fun experiment made in Flash (beware mobile users, this probably won’t work!). The weather running in the background changes based on where the user’s cursor is within the page.

2 – Google Design

Following immediately on from the Google I/O 2014 conference, the big G has launched their new microsite dedicated to their new design ethos dubbed “Material Design”. We’re fans.

3 – Bruno Imbrizi’s London Underground experiment

Sitting somewhere between Art and Cartography, visual developer Bruno Imbrizi has created an in-browser 3D interactive map of all of the London Underground lines. Who knew what a spaghetti network it is down there?

4 – Unioncy

A great idea. Unioncy scans your Gmail inbox for any Amazon (UK and US) receipts and then automatically adds them into your “collection”. It then grabs any product manuals, receipts and warranty information related to your purchases and files them for later. No more tipping drawers upside-down in vein.

5 – Grandpa’s Photos

A loving Grandson discovered his Grandpa took some pretty great photos back in his day. Unfortunately, Grandpa Clarke couldn’t remember where all the photos were taken. A website has been set up to help indentify the locations in the photos. Well travelled? Why not help identify a few snaps?