What does SERPs mean to you? 5 things to consider and understand about education websites’ SEO.

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  1. SERPs in 2015 terminology is ‘Search Engine Results Page(s)’ – if you thought it related to Second Earnings Related Pension Schemes, outdated as from 2002, you may need to learn a little more about SEO.
  2. Without SEO you can have the absolute best content, video, most links, fastest download et al, but no-one will visit to read it.
  3. Position and positioning is the key, not merely rankings. With geolocation, personalisation and other individual and specific factors that affect your SERP, you can no longer look at a definitive top 10 – you do not know that what you are seeing anyone else is seeing; positioning is a more loosely defined placement within the SERPs.
  4. Page 1 is king. Converting traffic isthe most important metric, the difference between 1st and the 5th and the 5th and 10th greatly affects the flow and amount of traffic and visitors to your site. Approximately 75% of click-throughs are attributed to the first five positions. Position does matter. Rankings maybe not.
  5. Social is not the new link building. Respective (negative) histories between Google, Facebook and Twitter, results in activity unmatched by impact. Neither Facebook or Twitter is willing to give consistent access to their data, Google simply can’t factor them into its algorithm. Social Media is Social Media and SEO is SEO.

So, get a site audit every year. With so many new aspects of SEO, it can be very difficult for schools to keep up. In addition, there are a number of simple penalties a site can receive; it is a minefield for the uninitiated. An annual site audit will help avoid issues, avoid penalties and make sure your site is running smoothly. An SEO professional can help build strategies and assess new opportunities. A good audit and auditor is worth the investment to generate traffic and conversions, plus the missed penalties. Just make sure you aren’t just getting simple tools output and appoint someone with real knowledge and expertise…and I know just the people for the job, speak to CKD for an SEO audit.