Greenwoods GRM

Think local, act global.

Born out of sheer will, shared ambition, culture and values, Greenwoods GRM is a new ‘Top 200’ UK law firm, combined with a deep rooted ‘think local, act global’ approach to their international work.

We were tasked with creating a unified brand and digital presence that codified shared values from Greenwoods and GRM Law into a strong singular entity and voice.

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Company Overview

Greenwoods GRM

Having recently merged, Greenwoods Solicitors LLP and GRM have formed a new ‘Top 200’ law firm.

The merger brings together two great firms, each with its own historical legacy – yet with a shared vision for the future.

Greenwoods GRM website mobile

“You don’t need me to tell you this but…

… your team is amazing!”

Business Development Director