IGas Energy

Helping IGas Energy tell the shale gas story.

Reinforcing the national need for shale gas to work as part of the energy mix, this report showcased IGas’ continuing commitment to positive and sustainable impact in the communities and environments in which they operate.

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Company Overview

IGas Energy

IGas Energy is a leading British oil and gas explorer and developer, producing c.1m barrels of oil and gas equivalent every year from over 100 sites across the country, with significant potential yet to be delivered from its assets.

Best printed report: AIM/Small Cap/Gold

“We were really impressed with the way the report presented the regulation, the facts and the need for gas in an easy-to-digest way. Whilst IGas is a B2B company, given the high-profile nature of onshore shale gas exploration in the UK, we wanted to embrace a more consumer-facing look and feel. And CKD did just that; in terms of the visuals and the educational aspect, the report enables anyone reading it to be clear about the details, and clear about the decisions we can make – as individuals and as a country – to be more energy independent in the future.”

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