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We love what we do and are known for our integrity and transparency.


Innovation is value

We love what we do and are known for our integrity and transparency. What sets us apart? Our size – being agile, we can be more entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurs innovate.

The secret? Design products around need. Know what they want before they do. Make better things for clients. Make things better for clients.

Maintain our currency and increase our value.


Sanjay Patel

Director & Brand Partner

Adam Hindmarsh

Director & Strategy Partner

Our purpose

People want to work for and with, organisations that are purpose-driven. So, we got to thinking and now that you’re asking, what’s ours? Why do we do what we do? What gets us up in the morning? Apart from a gentle dig from our beloved! Well to answer that, we’ve got to travel De-Lorean style…

Adam and I go way back – we’re talking pre-Mac! Having worked together in Soho in the eighties, we literally bumped into each other again a decade or so later, at CKD.

We quickly fell in love with the vibe and looked to see if we could add value and purpose.
In fact, as Victor Kiam famously said in 1979 about Remington, “I was so impressed, I bought the Company”.

And that’s exactly what we did. We began with the (not so simple) mission to evolve CKD into a truly multi-disciplinary consultancy and what you see today, really is the fruits of that early labour.

Our purpose is really very simple, to make better things for Clients and in doing so, make things better for Clients – see what we did there?
It may be a cliché, but when you love what you do; people will love what you do too.

Innovation is value

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