10 Benefits of Our Content Management System of Choice: WordPress

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We’ve created some short videos (below) to help showcase some of the extremely powerful features that WordPress offers. Viewing the videos fullscreen is recommended.

Some of these features are native to WordPress out-of-the-box and others are features we’ve built on top of the standard WordPress setup. We’re constantly looking to build on our platform and craft the most user-friendly way for anyone to manage their website.

Isn’t WordPress a blogging platform?

Yes and no. The roots of WordPress is as a blogging platform, with its initial release way back in 2003. Skip forward 13 years and WordPress is now a fully-fledged Content Management System, capable of handling a huge variety of applications. WordPress still has all of the blogging features that made it such as popular platform in the first place and since most websites now have some form of blogging aspect, that’s not a bad thing!

CKD’s page builder

We build our own editing layer on top of the standard WordPress editing experience. Editing complex layouts is extremely easy with minimal training needed.


Pages and blog posts can be scheduled to only be viewable on the live site after a certain date and time.

Embedding videos

Videos that are hosted on services such as YouTube or Vimeo can be directly embedded into pages or blog posts simply by pasting the video’s URL into the WordPress editor.

Global options

Sometimes you might want to edit content that appears on every page. Examples might include the header or footer of the website. Some systems make this very difficult or require coding skills to make these types of edits. Our approach is to provide global options which, when edited, affect the whole website. Change the footer contact details once and these changes will be rolled out in the footer of every page on the website.

Drag-and-drop reordering

Sometimes changing the order of pages can be a pain. We build in a drag-and-drop system that makes managing the order of content extremely straightforward. These changes will take affect in all the navigation locations around the site such as the primary navigation, drop-down menus, sidebar navigations and any footer areas.

Creating an image gallery

Making an image gallery easy to manage is essential, otherwise they simply do not get used! Images can be easily reordered (using drag-and-drop as above), uploaded in batches and deleted.

Edit SEO properties

Each and every page or blog post has SEO properties that tell a search engine how to display the page in search results. We automatically generate these properties based on the content within the page or post. However, sometimes you might want to manually update this information. Luckily, this is easy to edit and we provide a preview tool so you can see exactly how your page will look in a search result.

Image cropping and resizing

More and more, images represent an essential part of a web page. However, due to the large amount of screen sizes and devices available, getting the sizes of images right is difficult and often involves uploading many different versions of an image. We do away with this process and make sure you only need to upload a single image. WordPress automatically then takes multiple crops of the image and selects the best one for a given location on the front end of the website.


As with image galleries, if calendars are not made easy to use, they often get neglected. We tailor each calendar to the requirements of a website to avoid unnecessary options and focus on making an event as simple as possible to input.

Bin, restore and save drafts

Sometimes we make mistakes. In these cases, it’s good to know there is a undo feature! If you accidentally bin or remove content, a copy is kept within the bin (that is not publicly viewable) and it can be restored at any time. You can also save a draft of a page or blog post. Drafts cannot be viewed outside of the CMS but are saved within the system ready to publish later. This is particularly helpful if there is an approval process for content or if you want to work on a page over more than one sitting.

If you are interested in seeing a demonstration of our CMS in action, please email nat@carrkamasa.co.uk. Demonstrations can either be arranged in person or remotely.