Inside Hitchcock’s Head

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It’s official, after roughly ten years on Tabernacle Street we are moving! This is exciting for many reasons, but especially because of the heritage that comes with our new studio.

You will soon find us located along the canal to the north of Old Street and beneath Alfred Hitchcock’s head. Yes, you read that right, as of the 1st of June, our studio will be located beneath a massive sculpture of Hitchcock’s head by Anthony Donaldson.

In the 1920’s this site was used as a two-stage studio where Hitchcock began his career and shot many of his films including his first thriller; The Lodger.

In homage of Hitchcock here are a few facts and details about the director and cultural icon. Known as ‘The Master of Suspense’, he is renowned as England’s best director, although he left England for Hollywood shortly after beginning his career. He was an innovator and film genius, a great influence for the industry to this day. It is said that he developed and pioneered many film techniques, such as the Tracking Shot and Point of View editing used in ‘Rear Window’. His films are notorious for creating suspense and arousing a distinct viewer experience, often about psychological thrillers involving plot twists and pretty blondes.

We hope to carry the torch of Hitchcock’s creativity and live up to his genius. The Lodger screening anyone?

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