Social media mayhem?

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It is a fact in today’s society that people communicate via social media – they share their thoughts, aspirations, feelings about events going on around the world and some continue to share what they had for lunch. Independent schools are becoming adept at building followers, engaging with audiences and sharing their school on a variety of social media platforms. However, are they getting it right? And, does the activity complement the overall marketing plan? So, your school has set up a Facebook page and a Twitter feed and you think you’re doing jolly well, thank you very much. But, what about Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Periscope, Pinterest, YouTube and the like? Feel the need to get involved or are you finding it hard to keep track and regularly post with the feeds you have already have?

Find a Happy Medium

Many companies do scheduled posts that are fed into multiple platforms at the same time, thus negating the need to sit down every five seconds and post. But, schools need to be more interactive – their environment is an ever-changing one with events and results happening all the time, confining them to the next scheduled post just doesn’t seem to do them justice. My advice would be to pick a few platforms and do them really well. Don’t over-share – there is nothing worse than having to read posts from the same contributor all day long – and, of course, don’t leave it too long without posting. Achieve a happy medium and construct engaging posts that interact with your audience. Your reach stats will soon show you how well you are performing and what’s hitting the spot or not. You’ll find posts that provoke conversations are the ones that become the most successful. I’ve also found that posting old school images perform well with former pupils and families as they like to say how it was ‘in their day’. Flashback Fridays are a lovely way to round off a busy week marketing your school.

Keep Track

Also use trending subjects to grow your followers and reach out to a wider audience but be careful to pick subjects that are appropriate – wading in on the latest Justin Bieber tweets may not be the position your Head was aiming for when he let you have control over the school’s Twitter feed. Keep an eye on your school’s followers and un-followers by using an app like Crowdfire and make sure you have your school Twitter feed on your mobile so you can post anytime, anywhere and receive alerts when interaction is taking place.

Take a Measured Approach

The important thing is to not feel you are drowning in all this social media and you are taking a measured and sensible approach which befits your school and your families. It’s important to get involved but not at the expense of your other marketing priorities.