Sustainability Report 2020




Consumer Staples





Project overview

Accrol is the UK’s leading independent tissue converter, producing toilet tissue, kitchen towel, facial tissue and biodegradable wet wipes.

Accrol’s vision for ESG is to be a carbon neutral business that improves the lives of its people and communities, while working in partnership with their suppliers to deliver sustainable products to customers and consumers and consistent results to investors.

The aim of their maiden sustainability report was to provide a communication tool that enabled Accrol to share the progress along their ESG journey with stakeholders and to outline their plans to keep improving their commitments over time.

Engaging imagery, connected iconography and use of consistent colour-ways help to guide the reader through Accrol's ESG journey.

How we helped

Our collaboration with Accrol helped them achieve this vision by communicating their reporting framework through clear and engaging graphics and a simple step by step approach. A clear framework sets out each reporting area and its connected principals – these are then aligned with clear targets and KPIs.

The targets set out in the report are connected both graphically and via the narrative itself, providing a clear and easy to follow reader experience which maximises the online-friendly format by keeping the content concise and engaging.

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