Ashtead Technology

Annual Report 2021


Ashtead Technology


Offshore Energy




Project overview

Ashtead Technology is a leading subsea equipment rental and solutions provider to the global offshore energy sector.

Newly listed on the London Stock Exchange, this maiden Annual Report was part of an exciting new chapter for the Company.

The aim of the report was to communicate Ashtead Technology’s commitment to accelerating growth plans and supporting their customers more widely in the delivery of the energy transition through a comprehensive, yet concise, narrative.

Ashtead Technology’s maiden Annual Report is a best-in-class example of using a compelling narrative and considered content to introduce the Company to the market.

How we helped

Working closely with Ashtead Technology, we constructed a narrative that showcases the business; providing a succinct overview of operations, a compelling investment case, a clear strategy and a top-down view of their commitment to stakeholders and sustainability. Use of commissioned photography throughout helped to bring the narrative to life in an on-brand manner.

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