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Annual Report 2022


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Project overview

AVI Global Trust is an investment trust. Its investment objective is to achieve capital growth through a focused portfolio of mainly listed investments, particularly in companies whose shares stand at a discount to estimated underlying net asset value.

The report needed to be clear and engaging, with content that meets best practice in a personalised and tailored manner in order to help the reader understand the performance for the year and plans for the future.

AVI aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies whose shares are trading at a discount to their estimated net asset value.

How we helped

The brand identity is brought to life in the report through typography, colour usage, photography and graphics. The graphics are also used in external marketing campaigns, reinforcing the strength of the messaging. The report employs a clean and creative navigation system along the top of the page, easily indicating where the reader is within the Report. There are pull out figures and features throughout to help the quick reader gather the key information at speed, and page referencing to ensure the content is connected and integrated throughout.

The report is also published online as a PDF – this PDF is fully interactive, with notes and page references linked to the relevant page within the PDF and makes use of hyperlinked content to read more online, with a complete bookmark index, making it easy to navigate through the PDF, much as a reader would with the printed format.

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