Chariot Energy

Brand 2021


Chariot Energy




Project overview

Chariot Energy Group’s mission is to create value and deliver positive change through investment in projects that are driving the energy revolution.

This transition of the business away from traditional power sources (oil & gas) and towards cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy meant a need to reposition the Company and visual language accordingly, and to align the messaging consistently with all stakeholders.

We are now entering an exciting and important phase in the growth of the Company.

How we helped

With this transition in mind, we worked with Chariot to create a new visual identity that echoed the Company’s values, pioneering the energy revolution through integrity, collaboration, respect and creating positive impact.

A clean, versatile and organic brand was created to align with the Company’s mission. This was then applied to the subsidiary companies using complementary but individual colour palettes and carried across the business through other corporate communications items such as the website, Annual Report and corporate presentation.