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Chariot Energy






Project overview

Chariot Energy is focused on creating transitional energy projects across the continent of Africa via their Transitional Gas, Transitional Power and Green Hydrogen business streams.

Following a refocusing of their business away from oil & gas and towards transitional power, Chariot’s website needed an overhaul to communicate their new focus and intentions.

Chariot’s mission is to play a leading role in supporting the energy transition.

How we helped

We worked closely with Chariot to align their brand identity with their new focus on transitional energy. As part of this brand overhaul we created a new look and feel for their corporate website creating a complete ecosystem for all of their stakeholder groups.

With fluid and user-friendly navigation, a refined colour palette and complementary visual language, our ‘build from scratch’ philosophy ensured uniqueness for Chariot and helped them to stand out in their sector.