Closed Loop Medicine

Brand 2021


Closed Loop Medicine






Project overview

Closed Loop Medicine develop patent protected and regulatory compliant Drug + Digital combination products that transform care, binding drug therapy and digital therapeutics to optimise drug dose, adherence and care. 

Closed Loop Medicine needed a refined identity to signal the next phase of their growth that inspired innovation, with the attractiveness of a partner with the “know-how” and skill to build digital services that can enhance pharmaceutical products.

A world where everyone benefits from personalised integrated care.

How we helped

We collaborated with Closed Loop Medicine to create a brief that delved into who they are as a Company and what their new identity should convey about them. The logo was born from the key innovations and technologies that set Closed Loop Medicine apart as a business. By placing these so centrally to the brand, it shows pride in their history of innovation as well as commitment to redefining the future of the industry.


This unique brand identity was given a framework for imagination through a detailed set of brand guidelines and carried across other corporate communications items such as the website, stationery and corporate presentations, to maintain a strong, dynamic and consistent visual identity.