Sustainable Development Report 2022




Real Estate


Best Practice Sustainability Reporting



Project overview

Globalworth, a leading real estate company in the CEE region, believe that through robust performance monitoring and reporting, they can support and properly manage their performance.

As part of this continuous effort, they publish an engaging comprehensive report covering their commitment to sustainable development.

We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to safeguard the environment, care for our employees, our communities, and oversee our supply chain, all while upholding a robust governance framework.

How we helped

Through strong visual identity and cross referencing, the Sustainable Development Report dovetails as an asset to their corporate reporting suite. Acting as a connected yet standalone document, this allows space and focus for Globalworth’s ESG commitments and narrative.

Produced as an online-only document, a screen-friendly landscape format was employed that uses easy navigation tools and linked page and website references throughout.

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