Orca Energy

Sustainability Report 2021


Orca Energy




Project overview

Orca Energy is an established international public company, engaged in the development of natural gas resources in Africa.

The Company operates the world class Songo Songo field in Tanzania and is a major supplier of natural gas to the country’s domestic energy market.

Orca believes it is their responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of operations and maximise the positive contribution to all stakeholders and the local communities that they serve.

The goal of this report was to reflect their progress on this sustainability strategy to date, broadening the scope of communication of this progress to their stakeholders.

The natural beauty of Tanzania and the communities in which they operate were featured throughout the report to emphasise their importance to the Company and its responsible operations.

How we helped

Working closely with Orca on the key aims of the report resulted in a trusting and transparent approach to the narrative. Focus on how the sustainability strategy is enacted, and inclusion of performance updates on those topics, provided insight and target setting for future ambitions and goals.

Presented in an online friendly format, this report tells the story of Orca’s progression and their pivotal role as part of the Tanzanian community. Use of interactive navigation tools helps the user to find related content and improves the reader journey.

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