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Brand 2023


Star Energy






Project overview

Star Energy Group plc is a British energy company. Their primary focus had been on oil and gas extraction, but they are now using their existing and highly complementary skill set to develop and build a geothermal business of scale, in the move towards a renewable future. This transition of strategy ushered in a new era for the company, and an of overhaul of the brand identity was needed in order to better reflect their new trajectory.

Providing creative solutions through the energy transition.

How we helped

We collaborated with Star Energy to create a brand identity that shows the pride and experience in onshore oil production, whilst also reflecting their commitment to building and expanding the company towards a more sustainable future, and drive the energy transition.

The end result was a flexible and collaborative brand identity, that reflects movement and transition. This was carried across all levels of their corporate communications, from websites and presentations to social media and corporate reporting.