Summit Therapeutics

Brand 2018


Summit Therapeutics







Project overview

Summit Therapeutics is a leader in antibiotic innovation, their new mechanism antibiotics are designed to become the new standards of care for the benefit of patients, and create value for payors and healthcare providers.

Summit needed a strong new visual language that provided a fresh start for the company whilst communicating their modern and innovative approach to the discovery and development of new mechanism antibiotics.

Summit's strategy encompasses discovery through to commercialisation and the brand reflects this approach.

How we helped

A bold, innovative and creative new visual identity was created that acted as a metaphor for their approach through its fluid and morphing movement and colours.  This brand language was carried across the business in a seamless manner through a refreshed website, annual report, stationery and bespoke image library, iconography and desktop and office signage.

The holistic approach to the new look brand came together to create a unique recognisable brand ‘feel’ for an evolving business and was celebrated with employees with a brand roll out across the company.